Advocating quality

What makes us insist on the accumulation, innovation and development of more than 20 years of military experience in charging equipment and lithium battery assembly technology? From research and development, design, production, innovation to global sales. Persist in the pursuit of outstanding work achievements and lifestyle, and do everything possible.

Create a good and effective working environment, make employees feel comfortable, full of passion and love to work. Do meaningful things with a positive attitude, enjoy the pleasure of work, gain a sense of accomplishment, and realize your own value.

Steady innovation, win-win cooperation

Steady innovation, win-win cooperation Dacheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is guided by a scientific development concept, formulates development strategies, and puts them into practice in strict accordance with the company's actual conditions. Steadily promote development in coordinating economic, social and employee growth;

The market economy is not only a competitive economy, but also a cooperative economy and a cooperative economy. Competition is inevitable, but cooperation and alliances are the future development trend.


The future direction of automobile manufacturing is green development. In the environment of the new energy automobile industry, it has ushered in huge development opportunities, and it has become a new force in the medium and low speed, high speed and short distance transportation.And gradually realize the lightweight of the car body, electrification of the power system and promote the transformation of the automobile industry structure, which has been valued by countries all over the world. We are a provider of key components for electric vehicles to achieve "high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving".