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Chengdu Dacheng New Energy Technology Co. Ltd has gathered a group of experts in the fields of storage batteries, electronic information, automation control, computer software, and new energy lithium battery processing and assembly. Specializing in the research and development, production, assembly and processing, sales and technical services of charging equipment and lithium batteries.

Electric vehicle charging equipment integrates electronic power technology, electrochemical technology and microcomputer automation technology on the basis of the original military charging technology. "Superimposed combined pulse fast charging and discharging technology", using "positive and large current combined pulse charging, instantaneous negative pulse discharge" and "charge and discharge process automatic detection and program control" developed and produced "new intelligent fast internalized charging equipment", breaking through the conventional internal The formed constant current and constant voltage charging and discharging mode can better solve the problems of chemical polarization and concentration polarization, temperature rise, gas, etc. formed inside the battery without changing the original formula and process of the battery. This problem greatly improves the charging efficiency, greatly shortens the internalization time, greatly improves the production and use efficiency of the battery, reduces the production cost, improves the battery quality, and prolongs the service life of the battery is a major change formed in the production battery.

New energy lithium battery module processing and assembly adopt leading technology to drive sustainable development, and strive to open the era of intelligent lithium battery. Products are widely used in low-speed four-wheeled vehicles, old scooters, RVs, tricycles, sightseeing vehicles, tourist vehicles , Golf carts, disabled vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles, intelligent robots, UPS high-capacity energy storage power supplies, mobile power supplies, marine propellers and other fields.

Strive to build a leading domestic and innovative high-tech new energy company facing the world.


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23 years of military
technology experience


2000 square
meter factory


50000 + sets
Annual sales of

Our automated dust-free production workshop

The charging equipment workshop insists on adopting modern management ideas and big data control quality mode, and adopts high-efficiency technology and automated production equipment. The introduction of advanced automated test equipment production lines and automated production lines, and the use of robot operation methods on automated production lines have greatly reduced employee fatigue and improved product quality.
At present, its monthly output is 10,000-20000 sets of charger system products. Quality is the life of Dacheng New Energy, and the firm quality awareness and strict management system have won the long-term trust of customers. The concept and principles of "Quality Leadership" run through the entire business chain of product development, suppliers, production, sales and after-sales service. As a result, Dacheng Xinneng strictly controlled the company's internal and external product data at all costs, so that the product data was well recorded, and the responsibility was borne by the individual and the unit.

Lithium battery assembly has a strong technical assembly and testing team, and product development has a complete control program. Strictly check every aspect of incoming materials, online quality control, safety performance testing, outgoing inspection, etc., to ensure the excellent quality of products. With the rapid development of the new energy industry, in line with the concept of "green energy" and active corporate social responsibility, the reduction of carbon emissions from the whole society is a corporate development strategy, committed to promoting the development of low-carbon industries, and building a resource-saving, Make positive contributions to an environment-friendly and harmonious society.


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