1.R&D and Design

2. Certification

(1)How is your R & D capacity?

With more than 20 years of military technology summary and development experience, our company has a strong military technology team and a complete laboratory. There are more than 20 chief engineers and technical people. We research and development charging equipment stack combination pulse technology, significantly improve the charging efficiency and quality, effectively extend the battery life and also shower “Efficient, environmental protection, energy-saving”. We also have our own intellectual 10 property rights, to achieve high-efficiency and energy-saving new energy charging equipment.

(2)What is the development idea of your products?

In order to provide customers with small volume, high efficiency, high protection grade and high seismic grade all intelligent charger.

(3)What is your philosophy of R & D?

Reduce energy consumption to the minimum, increase the utilization rate to the maximum, make efficient use of electricity and reduce emission energy pollution; Actively publicize, promote and promote the construction of new energy undertakings, and provide systematic knowledge supply for schools.

(4)How often do you update your products?

We always update our products with 12 months, but if customer have some new development request, we can also discuss and develop the new part.

(5)What are the technical indicators of your products?

1. Keep on developing the OBC with the output of 500V-800VDC. 2. Develop the charger with the DCDC two in one or three in one products.

(6)What is the difference between your products in the industry?

Our advantage is
1. Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and explosion-proof; At present, the highest protection grade is IP67; Accessories imported from the United States, Germany and Japan;
2.The warranty period is 2 years; Replace new products free of charge in case of failure within one year; Except for man-made damage, at present our claim rate is less than 0.1%.Reduce maintenance and increase customer loyalty to products. Increase profits.
3. The patented technology "combined superimposed pulse technology" has fast charging time, saving electricity and prolonging battery life;
4.The working efficiency is more than 99%.

(1) What certifications do you have?

We have the CE, FCC and ROHS certification. And we can also support customer to apply the KC and UL certification.

3. Procurement

(1) What is your purchasing system?

Our procurement system adopts the 5R principle to ensure the “right quality” from the “right supplier” with “right quantity” of materials at the “right time” with “right price” to maintain normal production and sales activities. At the same time, we strive to reduce production and marketing costs to achieve our procurement and supply goals: close relationships with suppliers, ensure and maintain supply, reduce procurement costs, and ensure procurement quality.

(2)Who are your suppliers?

We cooperated with many global companies, such as EPCOS,STMOS,NCC,Panasonic,TDK and TI etc.

(3)What are your standards of suppliers?

We attach great importance to the quality, scale and reputation of our suppliers. We firmly believe that a long-term cooperative relationship will definitely bring long-term benefits to both parties.

4. Production

5. Quality control

(1)What is your production process?

1. The production department adjusts the production plan when receive the assigned production order at the first time.

2. The material handler goes to the warehouse to get the materials.

3. Prepare the corresponding work tools.

4. After all the materials are ready, production workshop personnel starts producing.

5. The quality control personnel will do quality inspection after the final product is produced, and the packaging will start if passing the inspection.

6. After packaging, the product will enter the finished product warehouse.

(2)How long is your normal product delivery period?

For sample order, our delivery time is 5-8 working days. For batch order, our delivery time is 12-15 working days.

(3)Do you have MOQ of products? If yes, what is the minimum quantity?

No. There is no MOQ request, we can accpet one sample order.

(4)What is your total production capacity?

5000 pcs/month

(5)How big is your company? What is the annual output value?

Our company is about 2000㎡ and our annual sales is 21.8 million USD.

(1) What testing equipment do you have?

Precision electronic load instrument, battery PC, , communication protocol analyzer and some other testing equipment etc.

(2)What is your quality control process?

All of DCNE people know quality is our company life, we strictly control our quality from the raw material  to finished parts according to IATF16949.

(3)How about the traceability of your products?

We confirm each part from is traceable,we make the different part number for each part during production.

(4)Can you supply the relevant documentation?

Yes, according to customers’ request, we can provide our drawings, testing report, products specification and manual etc.

(5)What is the product warranty?

We provide 18 months warranty for our chargers and charger accessories. We provide 12 months warranty for our batteries.

6. Shipment

8. Payment method

(1) Do you guarantee safe and reliable delivery of products?

Yes, all our products are well packed according to customer’s request to confirm the good and safe delivery by sea, by air or by train etc.

(2)How about the shipping fees?

We have the cooperated global forwarder and according to customers’request, we can provide the FOB, CIF or DDU etc.trade term.


(1)What are your pricing mechanism?

Our prices are subject to change depending on the raw material and other market factors. We will send you an updated price list after your company send inquiry to us.

(2)What is the shelf life of your products?

18 months with the condition of no corrosive gas or products in the warehouse, and there shall be no strong mechanical vibration, impact and strong magnetic field. It shall not be placed upside down or horizontally, and mechanical impact and heavy pressure shall be avoided. The packing box shall be 20cm above the ground and shall not be immersed in water.

(3)What are the specifications of your existing products?

At present, we have many kinds of chargers with different power. For details, please check the info

(1) What are the acceptable payment methods for your company?

T/T. For sample, 100% to be paid with order. For batch, 70% to be paid with order. 30% to be paid before delivery.

9. Market and Brand

(1) Which markets are your products suitable for?

Our products are suitable all over the world.Our chargers can match all kind of batteries.

(2)Does your company have its own brand?

Yes, we have our own brand(DCNE). But we can provide neutral products and also accept relabel for customers.

(3)Which regions does your market mainly cover?

At present, our main markets are EU, US, India and Aisa.

(4)What is the ranking of your development customers?

Our customers including the battery workshops, vehichle companies and importers. But becasue of the nondisclosure agreements, we can not provide the customers here.

(5)Does your company participate in the exhibition?

Yes, we attended some exhibition before 2020.Such as Hannover Messe, Automechanika Franfurt, AAPEX etc. And now because of Covid-19, we did not attend the exhibition. In the future, we will attend when there is no Covid-19.

10. Service

(1) What online communication tools does you have?

We can use E-mail,whatsapp, wechat, skype, linkedin and QQ for communication. All your questions will answered within 24 hours.

(2) What is your complaint hotline and email address?

Our complaint number is +86-18628096190, e-mail is dcne-newenergy@longrunobc.com  . We will settle your claim at the first time.

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