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Chengdu Dacheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has gathered a group of experts in the fields of storage batteries, electronic information, automation control, computer software, and new energy lithium battery processing and assembly. Specializing in the research and development, production, assembly and processing, sales and technical services of charging equipment and lithium batteries.

Electric vehicle charging equipment integrates electronic power technology, electrochemical technology and microcomputer automation technology on the basis of the original military charging technology. “Superimposed combined pulse fast charging and discharging technology”, using “positive and large current combined pulse charging, instantaneous negative pulse discharge” and “charge and discharge process automatic detection and program control” developed and produced “new intelligent fast internalized charging equipment”, breaking through the conventional…

  • 1997
    Company establishment
  • 23+
    Military technical experiencet
  • 2000sqm+
    Factory area
  • 50000+
    annual sales
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Special products

It is divided into three categories
  • AC220v Input -DC 12v-120v charger
  • AC90V-265V Input- DC 12v-440v charger
  • Lithium battery series

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Hundreds of satisfied customers
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Hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Plan spotlights vehicle battery use

    21 Jul , 12

    China will accelerate efforts to recycle new energy vehicle batteries in line with a five-year plan for developing circular economy unveiled on Wednesday, experts said. The country is expected to reach a peak in battery replacement by 2025. According to the plan released by the National Developme...

  • 4 Crucial Tips When Buying the Right Forklift Battery for the First Time

    21 Jul , 12

    Are you looking for the best battery for your forklift? Then you’ve come to the right page! If you depend heavily on forklifts to operate your daily business, then batteries are an essential part of your venture. Choosing the right type of batteries have a major impact on your company’s overall e...

  • Oil Price Back to 7 Yuan , what do we need to prepare for buying pure electric car?

    21 Jul , 02

    According to the latest oil price data, domestic 92 and 95 gasoline will rise 0.18 and 0.19 yuan on the night of June 28. At the current price of 6.92 yuan/liter for 92 gasoline, domestic oil prices are once again back to the 7 yuan era. This will have a big impact on many car owners who are read...

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