OBC Q2-9.9KW DC48-440V 30-127A high power, safe&fast, for all kinds of batteries

OBC Q2-9.9KW DC48-440V 30-127A high power, safe&fast, for all kinds of batteries


⭐ Board input voltage 90-265V, with CAN BUS communication

⭐ IP67 standard

⭐ Mutiple smart functions to beyond your expectation

⭐ Could be applied for forklift, pallet truck, crane, excavator battery, or somewhere need high power source

⭐ One charger to one battery charge, protecting your battery lifespan effectively

⭐ Original designed and produced from DCNE

Product Description

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OBC Q2-9.9KW DC48-440V 30-127A high power, safe&fast, for all kinds of batteries



Cooling Way

Air cooling







Battery Type

Lifepo4,18650, Lithium ion battery
lead-acid battery, AGM, GEL
Nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium, nickel-chromium batteries, etc




IP66 (Waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, shockproof)

Input Voltage


Input Current


Output Voltage


Output Current


Protection function

1.Superheat protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection.

2.Overpressure protection Overcharge protection.

3. LED lights

Charge mode

constant current charge, constant pressure charge, uniform charge, floating charge.

Input Connectors

EU/US/UK/AU plug;
EU/US charging gun and socket (optional)

Charging time

Calculate charging time based on battery capacity

Operating temperature

(-35 ~ +60)℃;

Storage temperature

(-55 ~ +100)℃;


Aluminum drawing piece

Output type

Constant pressure/current

Output power


Input cable length


Output cable length


CAN communication function


Please check the charger operation and installation manual

charging curve

Application areas:

  • Lithium battery company, electric vehicle manufacturing
  • Cleaning cart, golf cart
  • Logistics trucks, forklifts
  • Sightseeing car, electric boat
  • Battery energy storage equipment, UPS room equipment
  • Customized special non-standard charger
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Why choose us

  • Factory direct pricing.
  • Professional R&D team.
  • Provide professional battery solutions since 1999.
  • Provide 24-hour service.
  • Quickly delivery, Regular products within 4-7 working days.
  • UL CE CRI standard.
  • OEM order customization service.

DCNE Q2-9.9KW on board charger is with broad input voltage/input broad voltage-AC90V-265V, could be applied in the all world. It is equipped with the CAN BUS communication, could connect battery BMS system, smart/intelligent charger and customer could choose it or not. The output voltage is DC48V-440V,the output current is 30A-127A. This type is developed and produced for some light vehicles such as glofcart charger,clubcart charger, forklift charger, electric trucks, electric tour bus, electric yacht, cleaning machines, crane charger,excavator charger or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), solar energy, wind power dynamo and electric communication system on the railway,marine charger, military charger. It is a stackable charger of 3.3KW. Applying for all kinds of betterries/battery charger, for example, LTO, LiFePO4, NCM, AGM,GEL, Flooded lead acid , fully-sealed lead acid battery. It could be applied outdoor, it is water-proof, shock-proof,explosion-proof,dust-proof, has passed the international standard-IP67, also with PFC. The module is equipped with an advanced interleaved APFC active power factor correction circuit, which makes the utilization rate of electrical energy close to 1 during charging and reduces the harmonic pollution to the common grid.  It is a light weight charger with smart function, one-one charging, to protect your battery extremly, longer it's life at the best. It is also with follwing features:

a. Automatic temperature compensation
b. High charging/charger efficiency above 95%
c. Advanced variable frequency technology, stable voltage/stable current
d. automatically shut off after fully charge
e. Reverse connection protection
f. Short-circuit protection
g. Automatic equalization
h. Overheating protection
i. Overcharging protection

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