DCNE-CCS2-EV CCS2 Inlet 200A/250A DC Charging Socket

DCNE-CCS2-EV CCS2 Inlet 200A/250A DC Charging Socket


⭐Rated current: 200A/250A
⭐Rated voltage: 1000V
⭐Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ 1000V DC
⭐Resistant voltage: 3000V AC / 1min



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1.Comply with IEC 62196.3-2014
2. Rated voltage: 1000V
3. Rated current: 200A/250A
4. Meet TUV/CE certification requirements
5. Anti-straight plug dust cover
6. 10000 times of plugging and unplugging cycles, stable temperature rise

DCNE-CCS2-EV series European standard DC charging socket, installed on electric cars, through the DC charging function, to achieve DC charging function, the product meets IEC 62196.3-2014, complying with ROHS requirements.
200 A 250A DC Fast Charging CE TUV combo 2 EV CCS2 ccs charging socket EV Connector

The universal Combo2 connect vehicle charging inlets allow the AC and DC charging of electric cars and electric utility vehicles –from low charging powers all the way to High Power Charging (HPC). The vehicle charging inlets have been developed for automobile manufacturers and are already being used in the new generations of electric vehicles. These inlets allow the electric vehicle to be charged continuously at a power of 250 kW, and temporarily even up to 500 kW. The portfolio covers the charging standards CCS type 1, CCS type 2, and GB/T, including AC versions.




Temperature sensor in socket

Temperature sensor model: PT1000, the temperature sensor model can be adjusted according to customer needs
Suggested temperature control: when the temperature reaches 100°C, current limiting treatment is performed, and when the temperature reaches 120°C, charging is stopped.
Allowable working current: 0.3mA max

Product Model

Rated Voltage

Rated Current


DCNE- CCS2-EV DC Charging Socket    1000VDC


Integrated Charging station


Main technical parameters Brand Name DCNE- CCS2-EV DC Charging Socket
Type Ev connector
Function Charging connector
Rated current DC: 200A, adapt to 70mm² wires; 250A, adapt to 95mm² wires
Rated voltage DC + \ DC- \ PE hole 1000V, the remaining 30V
Withstand voltage 3000V AC / 1min. (DC + \ DC- \ PE)
Insulation resistance ≥ 100mΩ 1000V DC (DC + / DC- / PE)
Mechanical life Mechanical life
Ambient temperature -30℃~50℃
Degree of Protection IP55(When not mated)   IP44(After mated)
Contact parts Material Copper alloy
Surface treatment Silver plated
Insulation parts Material Thermoplastic
Colour Black
Seals Material Silicone rubber
Color Red / Gray / Blue

Application areas:

  • Lithium/Lead acid battery Manufacturer, HSV/LSV manufacturer;
  • Golf/Club cart, Logistics trucks, Sightseeing car, Electric boat, Cleaning cart;
  • Forklifts, Crane, Excavator, Lift, Pallet truck, ATV, Stacker;
  • Battery energy storage equipment, UPS room equipment;
  • Solar Energy Generation, Wind Power Generation;
  • Electricity, Marine, Aerospace, Military areas;
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