Lithium battery charger applied to electric motorcycles electric bicycles sightseeing car

Lithium battery charger applied to electric motorcycles electric bicycles sightseeing car


Fully enclosed frequency conversion pulse charger high-voltage DC output of the charger is directly connected to the positive and negative poles of the power battery, and the ac input is connected to the charging socket of the car body.

Fixed voltage and current to protect battery life;

Excellent toughness, weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance.

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1. The new fast intelligent charger, the charging time is reduced by 30% compared with the conventional charger;

2. Using composite superposition combined pulse technology, it can remove the phenomenon of battery vulcanization, concentration polarization, chemical polarization, temperature rise, etc.;

3. The temperature of the charger is automatically compensated to prevent battery overcharge in summer and undercharge in winter, avoid battery deformation caused by overcharge, and restrain battery life reduction caused by undercharge.

4. The charger will automatically charge evenly and evenly charge each group of batteries in the battery pack to prevent the battery pack from being out of balance and extend the overall life of the battery pack.

Name Lithium battery charger applied to electric motorcycles electric bicycles sightseeing car
Model DCNE-Q1-4kw
Cooling Way Air cooling
Size 305*280*115mm
Color Yellow
Battery Type Lifepo4,18650, Lithium ion battery
lead-acid battery, AGM, GEL
Nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium, nickel-chromium batteries, etc
Efficiency >95%
IP IP66 (Waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, shockproof)
Input Voltage AC220V±15%、50-60Hz
Input Current 25A
Output Voltage 12V、24V、36V、48V、60V、72V、80V、84V、96V、108V、120VDC
Output Current 60A、50A、40A、30A、20A
Protection function: 1.Superheat protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection.
2.Overpressure protection Overcharge protection.
3. LED lights
Charge mode: constant current charge, constant pressure charge, uniform charge, floating charge.
Input Connectors EU/US/UK/AU plug;EU/US charging gun and socket (optional)
Charging time Calculate charging time based on battery capacity
Operating temperature (-35 ~ +85)℃;
Storage temperature (-55 ~ +100)℃;
Material Aluminum drawing piece
Output type Constant pressure/current
Output power 4000W
Input cable length 1.2M
Output cable length 1M
Please check the charger operation and installation manual

Application areas:

  • Lithium battery company, electric vehicle manufacturing
  • Cleaning cart, golf cart
  • Logistics trucks, forklifts
  • Sightseeing car, electric boat
  • Battery energy storage equipment, UPS room equipment
  • Customized special non-standard charger
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