CCS2 charging socket to achieve efficient and safe charging solution

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the demand for efficient and reliable electric vehicle charging solutions continues to grow. As a leading manufacturer of CCS2 charging equipment, we are proud to introduce cutting-edge CCS2 charging socket designed to meet the diverse charging needs of electric cars, buses and other electric vehicles. Our products focus on quality, efficiency and safety, and have obtained CE/TUV certification to ensure their reliability and performance.

Unparalleled quality and efficiency
Our CCS2 charging socket is designed to provide unparalleled quality and efficiency for electric vehicle charging. With multiple options for rated current, including DC 80A, 125A, 150A, 200A, 250A, 300A and 400A, users can choose the appropriate configuration to meet their specific charging requirements. This flexibility ensures that our products can meet the needs of various electric vehicles, providing a seamless and efficient charging experience.


Safety first
At the heart of our CCS2 charging socket is a commitment to safety. We know the critical importance of ensuring vehicle and charging infrastructure are safe. Our products come with advanced safety features that protect against overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuits, giving users peace of mind during the charging process. Our CCS2 charging socket put safety first, providing electric vehicle owners and operators with a reliable and safe charging solution.

Various applications
The versatility of our CCS2 charging socket makes them suitable for a variety of charging scenarios, including public charging stations, private garages and commercial facilities. Whether it’s an electric car, bus or other electric vehicle, our products are designed to provide a seamless and convenient charging experience. Its compatibility with different charging infrastructures and electric vehicle models makes it a versatile and practical option for businesses and individuals looking for a reliable charging solution.

Reliable certification
Our CCS2 charging socket has been rigorously tested and received CE/TUV certification, highlighting its quality and reliability.This certification demonstrates the high standards of our products, assuring customers that they comply with industry regulations and have the ability to deliver consistent performance.

All in all, our CCS2 charging socket represents a disruptive solution for the electric vehicle charging industry. Its focus on quality, efficiency and safety provides a compelling value proposition to businesses and individuals seeking reliable and high-performance charging solutions. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, our products are ready to meet the changing needs of the market and provide electric vehicle owners and operators with a seamless and reliable charging experience.

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  • Post time: Apr-30-2024

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