How to choose a good forklift Charger?

Users do not pay much attention to the selection and matching of forklift battery charger , resulting in dissatisfaction with the charging of forklift battery, short service time and shortened battery life, but they do not know what the reason is.


It is often said in the industry that the battery is not worn out, so it is very important to choose a good forklift charger. There are many substandard products with poor quality in the existing battery chargers. Some substandard chargers are actually a simple transformer without safety guarantee. Most chargers are in floating charge state for a long time without intelligent power off after the battery is fully charged, which will have a certain impact on the service life of the battery; The existing charging managers generally do not have self-learning function, can not judge the charging state of the battery, and can not intelligently cut off the power supply when the battery is fully charged. The battery pack charging equipment sold by DCNE power supply adopts a fully functional power IC, which is sampled and controlled by a digital logic circuit to automatically detect the state of the charged battery. The charger adopts the charging mode of “constant current and constant voltage current limiting and constant voltage floating charging”, which achieves the full-automatic working state, especially suitable for unattended working occasions.


DCNE  worked in the charger field for more than 15 years, we have the professional R&D team and production line.

Choose high quality charger, choose DCNE.

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  • Post time: Mar-26-2022

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