Our 6.6kw new charger version is coming soon!

Our 6.6kw new charger version is coming soon!

As we know 3.3kw battery charger is stackable charger, then the 6.6kw/9.9kw/13kw is combined with more than 2 of 3.3kw chargers.

Now, 3.3KW charger is the most popular charger in the world for fast &safe charging for many kinds of applications. Obviously, also 6.6kw/9.9kw/13kw. Considering the applications of customers, DCNE decide to develop the new version of 6.6KW firstly. The old version 6.6KW charger is as below:


Now DCNE develop the new version of 6.6kw totally, the outlet of 6.6kw is be changed totally, the appearance, the performance. You could review the new outlet of the 6.6kw, the appearance could be installed in your electrical car easily, also could be more portable than the old version. The new outlet is as below:


It's light, and our engineers use the new technology base on the old version, could improve the charging efficiency more. After our thousands of testing, it also has our best advantages, stable current/voltage, IP67, PFC, CAN communication. Applied in Forklifts, Crane, Excavator, Lift, Pallet truck, ATV, Stacker, Battery energy storage equipment, UPS room equipment fields.

6.6KW Charger

It's another choice for customers' 6.6KW options! Welcome for your inquiries!

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  • Post time: Oct-28-2021

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