Charging method of electric vehicle charging station —-fast charging

(1) Scale of a typical fast charging station

According to the current data on fast charging of electric vehicles, a charging station is generally configured to charge 8 electric vehicles at the same time.

(2) Typical configuration of charging station power supply

 Scheme a, construction of substation design 2 channels of 10KV cable inlet (with 3*70mm cable), 2 sets of 500KVA transformers, 10 channels of 380V outlet (with 4*120mm cable, 50M long, 10 loops).

Scheme b, design 2 channels of 10KV cables (with 3*70mm cables), set up 2 sets of 500KVA user box transformers, each box transformer is equipped with 4 channels of 380V outgoing lines for charging stations (with 4*120mm cables, 50M long, 8 circuits ).

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  • Post time: Jul-26-2022

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