Charging method of electric vehicle charging station —-regular charging

(1) Scale of a typical conventional charging station

According to the current data of conventional charging of electric vehicles, a charging station is generally configured with 20 to 40 electric vehicles. This configuration is to consider making full use of the evening valley electricity for charging, but the disadvantage is that the utilization rate of charging equipment is low. Charging is also considered during peak hours, and a charging station can be configured for 60-80 electric vehicles. The disadvantage is that the charging cost increases and the peak load is increased.

(2)The typical configuration of the power supply of the charging station (provided that the charging cabinet has processing functions such as harmonics)

Scheme a: To build a power distribution station, design 2 channels of 10KV incoming cables (with 3*70mm cables), 2 sets of 500KVA transformers, and 24 channels of 380V outgoing cables. Two of them are dedicated for fast charging (with 4*120mm cable, 50M long, 4 loops), the other is for mechanical charging or backup, and the rest are conventional charging lines (with 4*70mm cable, 50M long, 20 loops)

Scheme b: Design 2 channels of 10KV cables (with 3*70mm cables), set up 2 sets of 500KVA user box transformers, each box transformer is equipped with 4 channels of 380V outgoing lines (with 4*240mm cables, 20M long, 8 loops), each channel A 4-circuit cable branch box is set for the outgoing line to supply power to the charging cabinet (with 4*70mm cable, 50M length, 24 circuits).

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  • Post time: Jul-26-2022

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