How to choose a good charger?

With the increase in sales of electric vehicles, the charger, one of the important accessories for car charging, has also been “taken care of”. However, the entry threshold for chargers is very high, and many technical requirements and difficulties are indeed headaches in the process of R&D and production.
For example, on the premise of improving the basic requirements of chargers such as shock resistance, waterproofing, and heat dissipation, factors such as modularization, hot swapping, high power, and low harmonic content should be fully considered. Therefore, reliability and safety specifications are issues that charger companies need to consider in production and R&D.
DCNE electric vehicle charger series adopts “superimposed combined pulse fast charge and discharge technology” and “automatic detection program-controlled charge and discharge innovation technology”, explosion-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, IP protection level reaches 67; can significantly improve charging efficiency and quality , greatly shorten the charging time, effectively prolong the battery life, innovate the charging state of electric vehicles, and realize “high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving”.


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  • Post time: Jun-06-2022

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