How to choose your excavator charger?

How to choose your excavator charger?

Nowadays. More and more customers use the electric engine on the excavator, or other heavy vehicles. As the new energy industry technology develops, It’s more convenient, safe and environmentally friendly for customers to apply the electric power. Then it come across a new problem, when you have the expensive battery installed in your vehicles, how to pick up a safe, quick charger, also benefits your battery?


At first, you should check your batteries’ character, which kind of battery you have? Lead acid or lithium? If lead acid, flooded or fully sealed? AGM or Gel? If lithium, LTO, NCM or LiFePO4 ? How about their nominal and max voltage? If you don’t have, go to check your battery label. Now for protecting the battery lifespan, with the charger, many world advanced charger manufacturers develop the technology, let the one charger charge one battery. For the voltage, it could more safely do one-one charging, and it could longer your battery lifespan largely.

Secondly, CAN BUS or not? As we know, CAN BUS communication could connect battery and charger. If your battery has CAN BUS system, then when you pick up your charger, the charger should also with the CAN BUS to connect. There are many kinds of CAN BUS protocols, before we investigate the charger, we should check it with charger manufacturer. (Generally, many excavators’ battery doesn’t with the CAN BUS, but we also need to check. If the battery has CAN, you buy a charger without CAN. The charging process will not work out.)


Last but certainly not least, Power. Many excavators and heavy vehicles has high requirement of the power. So there would be many cells of batteries. When the quantities of batteries rise, the charging time should also be added. But the high power charger could solve this problem. Our high power charger Q2-13KW, the current could reach to 168A, charge your heavy vehicles’ battery in a very short time. And the size is only 588*420*110mm, weighted 26KG. The most important is it could be installed on your heavy vehicles, or off-board charging. It’s IP67 standard, water/dust/shock/explosion-proof. It has KC, CE, ISO9001, RoHs certificates.

This smart size, light weight, high standard charger, will change your life.  Send us your FAQ soon!   

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  • Post time: Sep-08-2021

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