Li-ion battery pioneer Akira Yoshino talks about the future of electric vehicles, technology news

Tokyo (Reuters)-Professor Akira Yoshino, co-winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, has received praise for the dramatic changes in the automotive and technology industries for his work on lithium-ion batteries.
Lithium-ion batteries provide the first fierce competition for fossil fuels and internal combustion engines in the transportation industry in a century.
He talked with Reuters on the potential of next-generation electric vehicle batteries, self-rechargeable shared self-driving electric vehicles, the prospects of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and the possibility of Apple leading the integration of the automotive and information technology industries in the future. fluidity.
Answer: There are two main areas of innovation that are key. One is new cathode materials and anode materials.
The second is a system using electric vehicles. In other words, how people will use electric vehicles, and how they will charge and discharge electric vehicles.
A: Yes, I think the greatest potential lies in sharing. If self-driving electric cars can be put into practical use, it will lead to huge changes in the way people use cars.
A: The basic technology of wireless charging is not a problem. The question is how to apply it to the actual system.
There are two possibilities. One is a car parked in a place where it can be charged wirelessly. The second is when the car is driving. It may not appear on every road, but it is possible on some available roads.
If you think of self-driving electric cars, the car will know when it needs to be charged, and then go to the charging station by itself. This situation may be realized faster than you think.
Answer: For fuel cell vehicles, there are technical and cost challenges, but you can overcome them. If you consider the longer-term situation, from 2030 to 2050, autonomous shared cars will emerge.
It is assumed that the self-driving car can be driven by a gasoline engine, it can be electric, or it can be a fuel cell. It does not matter what the power source is. But it needs to replenish energy in some way.
If the vehicle cannot do this automatically without human intervention, then this system is meaningless. The same is true for gasoline or hydrogen.
In this sense, an electric car is a car that can automatically replace energy. If you think of the Roomba vacuum cleaner, it will walk around the room and recharge itself. If Roomba needs a person to “fill up the tank,” then no one wants to buy it.
Answer: The automotive industry is now considering how to invest in future mobility. At the same time, the IT industry is also thinking about the future of mobility.
At some point, with the development of the automotive industry and the IT industry, there will be some convergence in future mobility.
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