Oil Price Back to 7 Yuan , what do we need to prepare for buying pure electric car?

According to the latest oil price data, domestic 92 and 95 gasoline will rise 0.18 and 0.19 yuan on the night of June 28. At the current price of 6.92 yuan/liter for 92 gasoline, domestic oil prices are once again back to the 7 yuan era. This will have a big impact on many car owners who are ready to buy a car. Coupled with the rapid development of pure electric models at present, many people will consider it. However, in all fairness, pure electric models are not suitable for everyone, at least when buying a car, here are a few things to prepare for.

First of all, the city where the car owner lives and lives is best in the south, at least not especially in the north, such as the three northeastern provinces, etc. . We know that in cold regions, either Lithium Ion batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries will have a large battery reduction, which is very unfriendly to the car owner, unless the daily travel mileage is relatively close, just a simple commute, it would be better to go with a gas-powered or plug-in hybrid.

In addition, its own charging conditions are also very important. If parking space is available and charging posts can be installed, then the overall operating cost will be very low. It will save a lot of money each year than a fuel car, but if this condition is not available, if you have to worry about where to charge your car every day, and are miserable to see a PR charging pile full of cars, then this is not the case for purely electric models.

And because the cost of an electric car is relatively high, the overall price will also be a little more expensive than a fuel car. The car owners will take a comprehensive consideration. If the car has a long life, then the overall cost is actually about the same, even electric cars are lower, but if you want to change cars in three to five years, then from the preservation rate, the fuel car is also higher than electric cars.

The conditions for an electric car are indeed somewhat harsh, but its advantages are indeed quite obvious, especially in some cities where restrictions on travel and purchase are imposed, buying an electric car is not only more convenient, it is also more comfortable to use, and the driving experience of an electric car is better, faster acceleration and higher overall NVH level.


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  • Post time: Jul-02-2021

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