Volvo Plans To Build Its Own Fast-charging Network In Italy


2021 will soon be a pivotal year for the development of electric vehicles. As the world recovers from the epidemic and national policies make it clear that sustainable development will be achieved through huge economic recovery funds, the shift to electric mobility is gathering pace. But it is not just governments that are investing in the move away from fossil fuels - many visionary companies are also working towards this, and Volvo Cars is one of them.

Volvo has been an enthusiastic supporter of electrification over the past few years, and the company is pushing the envelope with its Polestar brand and a growing number of hybrid and all-electric Volvo models. The company's latest all-electric model, the C40 Recharge, was launched in Italy recently and at the launch Volvo announced a new plan to follow Tesla's lead and build its own fast-charging network in Italy, thus supporting the growing infrastructure of electric vehicles being built across the country.

The network is called Volvo Recharge Highways and Volvo will work with their dealers in Italy to build this charging network. The plan provides for Volvo to build more than 30 charging stations at dealer locations and near key motorway junctions. The network will use 100% renewable energy when charging electric vehicles.

Each charging station will be equipped with two 175 kW charging posts and, more importantly, will be open to all brands of electric vehicles, not just Volvo owners. Volvo plans to complete the network in a relatively short period of time, with the company completing 25 charging posts by the end of this summer. In comparison, Ionity has less than 20 stations open in Italy, while Tesla has more than 30.

Volvo Recharge Highways' first charging station will be built at Volvo's flagship shop in Milan, in the heart of the new Porta Nuova district (home to the world famous 'Bosco Verticale' green skyscraper). Volvo has wider plans for the area, such as the installation of more than 50 22 kW charging posts in local car parks and residential garages, thus promoting the electrification of the entire community.

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  • Post time: May-18-2021

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