Are electric car chargers universal?

According to the survey, 70% of netizens believe that electric vehicle chargers are universal, while 30% of netizens think that electric vehicle chargers are not universal. So can electric vehicle chargers be universal?

In fact, electric car chargers are theoretically not universal. This is the same as the principle of mobile phone chargers. It mainly depends on whether the voltage and current are consistent. Many users think that as long as they can be plugged in and the lights can be turned on, they can be universal. This can easily damage the battery.

The DCNE electric vehicle charger has designed new protection functions, such as constant current charging and constant voltage charging. The main factor that does not match the electric vehicle charger to damage the battery is the problem of current and voltage.

The second problem is the charging time of electric vehicles. Many old-fashioned chargers do not have the function of automatic power-off. After the electric vehicle is fully charged, it will continue to be charged. This is very easy to cause battery damage due to overcharging. DCNE The charger uses an intelligent chip to control the charging management and charging process, and can automatically power off after charging, which fundamentally solves these problems.


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  • Post time: Jun-18-2022

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