Charging method of electric vehicle charging station —-mechanical charging

(1) Scale of mechanical charging station

Small mechanical charging stations can be considered in combination with conventional charging station construction, and larger-capacity transformers can be selected as needed. Large-scale mechanical charging stations generally configure a large-scale mechanical charging station with 80 to 100 sets of rechargeable batteries charged at the same time, which are mainly suitable for the taxi industry or the battery leasing industry. One day of uninterrupted charging can complete the charging of 400 sets of batteries.

(2) Typical configuration of the electric supporting station of the charging station (large mechanical charging station)

The distribution station has 2 10KV incoming cables (with 3*240mm cables), 2 sets of 1600KVA transformers, and 10 380V outgoing lines (with 4*240mm cables, 50M long, 10 loops).

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  • Post time: Aug-15-2022

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