Current status of on-board charger technology

Status of car charger technology

At present, the power of on-board chargers for passenger cars and special vehicles on the market mainly includes 3.3kw and 6.6kw, and the charging efficiency is concentrated between 93% and 95%. The charging efficiency of DCNE chargers is higher than that of chargers on the market, and the efficiency can reach 97%. The cooling methods mainly include air cooling and water cooling. In the field of passenger cars, 40kw and 80kw high-power on-board chargers with "AC fast charging method" are used.

With the increase of power battery capacity of new energy vehicles, pure electric vehicles need to be fully charged within 6-8 hours of slow charging, and more powerful on-board charging is required.

Development Trend of Vehicle Charger Technology

The development of on-board charger technology has played a role in promoting the popularization of new energy vehicles. On-board chargers have higher requirements on charging power, charging efficiency, weight, volume, cost and reliability. In order to realize the intelligence, miniaturization, light weight and high efficiency of on-board chargers, the related research and development work has made great progress. The research direction mainly focuses on intelligent charging, battery charging and discharging safety management, and improving on-board chargers Efficiency and power density, miniaturization of on-board chargers, etc.

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  • Post time: Aug-29-2022

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