Charging socket play a big role in electric vehicle

Chengdu Dacheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Chengdu, Sichuan. We develop and produce charger, CCS2-EU charging plug and charging socket.

DCNE-CCS2-EV series European standard DC charging socket is to convert the DC power supply into the electric energy required by electric vehicles, so as to realize fast charging of electric vehicle. Compared with AC charging, DC charging is faster, which can fully charge the battery of electric vehicles in a short time and improve the efficiency of electric vehicle.

Charging socket play a big role in electric vehicle1

The charging socket is a component that consumers of electric vehicles often come into contact with, and it plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of electric vehicles. Reasonably designed charging socket can provide the charging power required by a large battery and shorten the charging time, thereby alleviating consumers’ range anxiety.

Electric vehicles are charged by charging piles. In order to shorten the charging time, most of them use DC high voltage and high current, and the charging is done outdoors. In the operation, there are many non-professionals. Based on these characteristics, it is necessary to have high safety and adaptability. The emergence of electronic locks in charging sockets It can effectively solve this problem, and at the same time, the electronic lock is the safety guarantee for electric vehicle charging.

DCNE’s CCS2 1000V200A/250A charging socket complies with the IEC 62196.3-2014 standard and meets ROHS requirements. Provide 12V or 24V electronic lock,Use a more demanding ultrasonic machine for crimping the to ensure the safety of consumers when charging.


1.  Comply with IEC 62196.3-2014

2.   Rated voltage: 1000V

3.   Rated current: 200A/250A

4.   Meet TUV/CE certification requirements

5.   Anti-straight plug dust cover

6.   10000 times of plugging and unplugging cycles, stable temperature rise

DCNE’s CCS2-EV series European standard DC charging sockets are exported to India, Turkey, Netherlands, Austria and many countries, and have won unanimous praise.

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