DCNE-CCS2-EV CCS2 Inlet 200A/250A DC Charging Socket

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Key Features:
Rated current: 200A/250A
Rated voltage: 1000V
Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ 1000V DC
Resistant voltage: 3000V AC / 1min
Comply with IEC 62196.3-2014
2. Rated voltage: 1000V
3. Rated current: 200A/250A
4. Meet TUV/CE certification requirements
5. Anti-straight plug dust cover
6. 10000 times of plugging and unplugging cycles, stable temperature rise
The universal Combo2 connect vehicle charging inlets allow the AC and DC charging of electric cars and electric utility vehicles –from low charging powers all the way to High Power Charging (HPC). The vehicle charging inlets have been developed for automobile manufacturers and are already being used in the new generations of electric vehicles. These inlets allow the electric vehicle to be charged continuously at a power of 250 kW, and temporarily even up to 500 kW. The portfolio covers the charging standards CCS type 1, CCS type 2, and GB/T, including AC versions. https://www.longrunobc.com




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  • Post time: Feb-03-2023

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