The advantages of the latest generation of chargers for electric vehicles

DCNE frequency conversion pulse charger series adopts "superimposed combined pulse fast charge and discharge technology" and "automatic detection program-controlled charge and discharge innovation technology",It can significantly improve charging efficiency and quality, greatly shorten charging time, effectively prolong battery life, and innovate electric vehicle charging.Electric state, to achieve "high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving".

DCNE variable frequency pulse charger features:

*On board charger/portable EV charger for most low-speed EVs on the market.

*High quality raw materials, 18 months warranty.

*Compatible with almost all types of batteries on the market, such as open/maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, LifePo4 batteries, lithium batteries, etc.

*Waterproof and dustproof, intelligent and stable.

*Intelligent chip control, anti-short-circuit reverse connection, automatic shutdown when full, over-temperature and over-voltage protection, over-power protection, anti-fire, anti-overcharge, safe and stable.

*Large column cooling fan, ventilation and heat dissipation, fast cooling and heat dissipation, to avoid overheating damage.

* Anti-aging and explosion-proof, using aluminum alloy material as shell, long service life. * Glue-filled seal design, silent cooling fan, quiet and durable.

*Sockets, wires, certified by 3C.

*Over temperature protection, using chip cooling process, flame retardant shell material, automatically adapt to various environments, high temperature power off.

* Low-voltage wake-up, when the battery runs out of power, the charging can be activated.

DCNE specializes in the design, development and production of chargers for various electric vehicles. The products are widely used in various electric vehicles such as sightseeing cars, classic cars, golf carts, patrol cars, sweepers, washing machines, electric forklifts and other new energy vehicle. Adhering to the concept of "survive by quality, develop by innovation", adhere to the principle of "service with heart, customer first", and serve customers wholeheartedly.

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  • Post time: Aug-29-2022

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