Function introduction of car charger

The on-board charger refers to the charger that is fixedly installed on the electric vehicle. It has the ability to fully charge the power battery of the electric vehicle safely and automatically. The charger can dynamically adjust the charging current or voltage according to the data provided by the battery management system (BMS). parameters, execute the corresponding action, and complete the charging process


(1) It has the function of high-speed CAN network and BMS communication, and judges whether the battery connection state is correct; obtains battery system parameters, and real-time data of the whole group and single battery before and during charging.

(2) It can communicate with the vehicle monitoring system through the high-speed CAN network, upload the working status, working parameters and fault alarm information of the charger, and accept the start or stop charging control command.

(3) Complete safety protection measures:

· AC input overvoltage protection function.

· AC input undervoltage alarm function.

· AC input overcurrent protection function.

· DC output overcurrent protection function.

· DC output short circuit protection function.

· Output soft start function to prevent current impact.

· During the charging process, the charger can ensure that the temperature, charging voltage and current of the power battery do not exceed the allowable values; it has the function of limiting the voltage of the single battery, and automatically adjusts the charging current dynamically according to the battery information of the BMS.

· Automatically judge whether the charging connector and charging cable are connected correctly. When the charger is correctly connected with the charging pile and the battery, the charger can start the charging process; when the charger detects that the connection with the charging pile or the battery is abnormal, it will stop charging immediately.

· The charging interlock function ensures that the vehicle cannot be started until the charger is disconnected from the power battery.

· High-voltage interlock function, when there is a high voltage that endangers personal safety, the module locks without output.

· With flame retardant function.

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  • Post time: Aug-29-2022

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