US Green Revolution for EVSE is coming soon! (a)

US Green Revolution for EVSE is coming soon! (a)

The US administration signed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law, so the US administration received $7.5 billion in funding for its efforts to install 500,000 new electric car chargers across the US country in the next five years. However, although these chargers will be necessary as sales of electric vehicles continue to rise, Biden's plan will require the patience of institutions and individuals.

Not only does it take a while to build so many chargers, but most of the chargers built are likely to be of the "level 2" type, which can replenish about 25 miles of battery capacity per hour. This means that electric car buyers in the US will have to get used to the idea of ​​consuming energy when going out and completing most of the charging at home.


"We think the most common use case is that you are doing other things in your life-you are in a grocery store, a movie or a church-and you just want to plug in there," said Joe Britton, sales manager  of the DCNE charger manufacturer. "[That's] instead of a gas station model, it's like, 'Oh, shooting, I'm empty, I need to go all the way to fill up immediately.'"

As we all know, this is how most current electric car owners handle charging. But this may become an obstacle for some buyers in our oil-centric society. At least one study has found that the primary reason for electric vehicle owners to switch to petrol vehicles is the inconvenience of charging. But another shows that the proportion of people worried about insufficient charging is declining.

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  • Post time: Nov-26-2021

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