The on-board charger development oritation

The ev battery charger has high requirements for charging power, efficiency, weight, volume, cost and reliability. From its characteristics, the future development direction of vehicle charger is intelligence, battery charge and discharge safety management, improving efficiency and power density, realizing miniaturization, etc.

1. The lagging construction of charging facilities directly promotes the improvement of charger power
Because the profit model is not clear, the return on the construction of charging piles is low, and the construction of charging facilities has been lower than expected, which is also a difficult problem in the world. At present, the development of public charging piles in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan is far from reaching a reasonable level. Therefore, it can be judged that the supply of public charging piles will not meet the demand for a long time in the future. In this context, in order to shorten the charging time, alleviate mileage anxiety and improve the charger power has become the best choice. At present, the mainstream of domestic on-board chargers are 3.3kw ev charger onboard battery charger and 6.6kw, while foreign countries such as Tesla adopt high-power chargers with a power of 10kW. High power is a major trend of future products.
And sometimes the technology of chargers is also limited for the bigger market. Now we have developed the IP67 standard battery chargers for the LSV(Low speed vehichles) market, it is widely used in the cart car,golf car, folklift,club car,electrical yacht/boat etc. it's also marine battery charger,waterproof charger 72v 40a,waterproof battery charger.  For the industrial use, It's also applicable, High power, ev charger could reach to 13KW.

2. The power battery rate performance is constantly improving, which can meet the needs of higher power charging.
Rate performance is one of the key indexes of power battery. Energy density and magnification performance cannot be combined to some extent. Frequent high-power charging will generally cause irreversible loss to the battery, so the reasonable charging method should be slow charging, supplemented by fast charging. With the continuous progress of battery technology, the battery will be better and better in rate performance, so it can gradually meet the need to charge with higher and higher power.

3. The improvement of intelligent level of charger will bring value improvement
In the future, with the popularity of electric vehicles, the charging of a large number of electric vehicles will cause great pressure on the power grid. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the interaction and feedback between electric vehicles and the power grid. Automatic monitoring, optimization of vehicle charging strategy, coordinated operation between power grid and electric vehicle and other user resources, two-way exchange of electric energy under controlled state (V2G), realization of Valley peak regulation of power grid and other issues require the participation of onboard charger. Therefore, the intelligent level of charger will be higher and higher, and its value will be gradually improved.


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  • Post time: Aug-10-2021

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